School Booking

Our tours depart daily all year round from 10:30am or 11:00am from the Albert Dock. During quiet times we run every 75 minutes and during busy times every 15 to 30 minutes.

We can provide a vehicle for groups of up to 30 passengers on each duck.

If the group is comprised of both teachers/adults and children, we do need to apply a minimum ratio of adults to children for safety purpose.

1 adult to every 2 babies (Under 2 years old)

1 adult to every 5 school aged child (2-11 years old)

1 adult to every 10 sixth form aged child (12-17 years old)

(If these ratios cause you a problem, please talk to us to see if we can do anything to help. You can contact us on 0151 708 7799.)

In the case of groups with disabled passengers, we need to address the number of carers on an individual basis. In the case of a water-side emergency there needs to be sufficient carers for each individual disabled person to assist any evacuation needed.

The judgement regarding carriage of limited mobility or disabled passengers is basically left up to the disabled person concerned, (or carer) in that if they can safely negotiate the steep steps, we will accept them for carriage in that this also illustrates a level of capability for emergency evacuation.

Large groups need to arrive in sufficient time for toilet breaks if needed, these facilities are a good 15 minute round trip for an able bodied person.

There is no space on board the vessels for Wheelchairs, buggies, prams etc, these may be left in the sales office at the owners risk.

The Ducks are over sixty years old and there may be times when they become unserviceable at short notice. In these circumstances we will try to provide an alternative tour, or offer you a full refund.

You will need to collect your boarding cards 15 minutes prior to your tour departure time from our ticket office in Anchor Courtyard, between Atlantic and Britannia Pavilions, which is off Gower Street. From the Kings Dock car park it is across the bridge and to the right.

It is essential that large groups arrive and are ready to board the vessel at least 10 minutes before the departure time. Refunds will not be given for late arrivals.

Our definition of a group is ten or more, below this normal individual tour prices apply.

We cannot give refunds for late arrivals.

School Groups 15 yrs and under £5.50
School Groups 17 yrs and over £8.05

Outside Term Time a group of ten or more can share a normal commercial tour with other passengers at standard price rates with a discount rate of 10%.

Individual Prices
Ticket TypeOff PeakPeak
Adult £12.95 £16.95
Child – aged 2 to 15 £9.95 £11.95
Concession £10.95 £13.95


Groups of 10 or more - 10%
Ticket TypeOff PeakPeak
Adult £11.65 £15.25
Child – aged 2 to 15 £8.95 £10.75
Concession £9.85 £12.55


Should you wish to hire a vehicle for your own group exclusively then prices are as follows.

Prices to hire whole DuckOff PeakPeakSpecial
Standard Scheduled Times £275.00 £400.00 TBA
Outside Tour Times TBA TBA TBA

Peak period: Saturdays and School & Bank Holidays (including Bank Holiday weekends) from March to October. 

You can ring to book or make further enquiries on 0151 708 7799

We can only run tours until dusk so in the winter the tours will finish earlier.

Standard scheduled tour times vary depending on day and time of year, so please call for times.

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or Email: with any enquiries.