Our DUKWS were built in the USA by General Motors and started life in the mid 1940’s as military ship to shore transports. Many were used in the D-Day landings and in other wartime theatres. They remained in service with the British and other armies into the 1970’s.

The Yellow Duckmarine purchased, completely rebuilt and converted the 2 best original DUKW’s available in the UK. They now comply with UK Passenger Carrying Vehicle, (PCV) and Class 5 Passenger Vessel standards.

After conversion work has been completed, each vehicle undergoes a thorough test programme by the Department of Transport Vehicle Inspectorate, (VI). It then has to be tested and certified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency - a process that involves hull inspections, heeling and stability tests with full load, a full safety equipment and fittings check and operational testing on the water. The Yellow Duckmarine is licensed by the Traffic Commissioners as a PCV Operator. Operation of the vehicles is by licenced PCV drivers on the road and they also hold an MCA Boatman’s licence for operations on the water.