Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is situated on the high ridge of Mount Pleasant and is visible from most parts of the city. Circular in plan, this iconic building is set on a podium formed by a continuation of the roof of the Lutyens Crypt. Its tapering lantern tower is surmounted by 16 pinnacles, encircled by a lattice-work crown. The main conical roof and drum of the nave support the tower which, unusually in cathedral buildings, relates directly to the primary area of the internal space - the Sanctuary and High Altar. The cathedral is surrounded on all sides by university buildings. Underneath there is a circular car park. In the garden there is a granite sculpture, Still Point by Susanna Heron.

The Cathedral is approached from the South by the monumental flight of steps linking the ground level piazza to the podium and flanked on one side by the Visitor Centre and on the other by Science Park 1 building. Other aproaches are from the East (Mount Pleasant), the West (Brownlow Hill and opposite the entrance to Liverpool John Moores University Arts Academy Building) by smaller fiights of steps. A fourth set, from the North side, here of flying steps, leads the visitor from Brownlow Hill directly on to the plaza facing the open air altar. From the North side the glazed Rotunda which gives access to the Crypt from the Cathedral can be seen to the left of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.